Have you seen your fellow riders on Zwift riding around in the sweet new TeamODZ Kit? Feel like it’s giving them that last bit of wattage to get over the climb, that touch of aero that makes the descents that much faster, and that explosive power at 100m to go to the finish?


Well, you too can have the advantage that strikes fear into your opponents' legs when you come to the start line knowing that you are part of TeamODZ, the team that brings you one of the most comprehensive training schedules week in and week out. Including rides such as: the classic ODZ Coffee Ride, the ever challenging Cat & Mouse/Goats & Bears Race, the weekly ODZwifters WOW and the ODZentury 2.5 and 3.0 Ladders (the only ERG controlled weekly metric century)!


Upon completion of the tasks below, member will need to complete the attached form, and he/she will be contacted via email with the TeamODZ Kit code.


Super tuck

TeamODZ Kit Challenge


Your mission, if you accept it, will be to pledge your allegiance to TeamODZ by completing the following with us:
* Two ODZ Group Rides or Races (any event organized by TeamODZ counts, see calendar for complete listing);
* Three ODZwifters Workouts of the Week (workout files available here);
* Set up and sign into the ODZ Discord channel and introduce yourself to the group;
Plus one of the following two options:
* One ODZentury with the minimum distance of 100km;
* Race 3 times while tagged as TeamODZ (any race on Zwift), and change your Team on ZwiftPower to TeamODZ.


More details:

All ODZentury rides including ODZ 2.5, NightTrain 3.0+, or Wagner's Wagon qualify as long as they meet the 100km distance requirement, and one WOW from each current category: SST, VO2, and Threshold should be completed to qualify.


Any exceptions will be taken up by TeamODZ so contact us via Facebook if you need help and would still like to participate.



If you have any questions, please reach out to us in the TeamODZ Facebook group.


Link to submit Challenge results: Here


ODZ Discord Info: