Take your TeamODZ membership to the next level with the Kraken Club!  Get special pricing and deals with our partners, and access to exclusive content.  Giving you real value for being a part of TeamODZ!

What benefits do I get from joining the Kraken Club?

  1. 10% off Castelli TeamODZ Kit Orders
    • $22.90 savings on a single Aero Kit
    • Discount applies to ALL purchases so there is no limit on your total savings
  2. 20% off TrainingPeaks Premium Subscription
    • $23.80 savings on annual subscription
  3. $30 coupon towards an Endurance lab session in 2018
    • $30 savings on a single lab session
  4. 20% off Endurance 360
    • $8-$9 savings per bottle, no limit.
  5. 20% off Beetroot Pro
    • $8.99 savings per container, no limit.
  6. Kraken Club Membership required to join our "In Real Life" (IRL) Race Team
  7. High resolution download of the custom Kraken Club logo to overlay on your own content.
    • Show off your membership in style!
  8. Access to discounts from new partners as they are brought on board.
    • We have just barely started to bring partners on board, expect more!
  9. Unlock code for the TeamODZ jersey in Zwift
    • Priceless

I would like to race for TeamODZ how do I join?

You do not need to purchase a Kraken Club membership to race for TeamODZ on Zwift.  However, if you are looking to race as TeamODZ IRL, we require a paid Kraken Club membership so that we can provide you with the tools you'll need to succeed.

What if I don't race, can I still join?

We designed the Kraken Club with all types of cyclists in mind, racers and non-racers alike, so yes you can!

Is it possible to get the TeamODZ jersey in Zwift without being a member of the Kraken Club?

Yes.  You can still complete the TeamODZ Kit Challenge to unlock the TeamODZ kit inside of Zwift.

How will I get access to these discounts?

After you purchase the membership you will have a login to access to a membership page where the details of the discounts are outlined.

How long will the discounts be available?

We structure and negotiate the discounts with our partners on an annual calendar year basis.  This means the discounts may change slightly from year to year, and that the discounts advertised when you purchased your membership will be valid until December 31st of the membership year.