TeamODZ Magnum mOnDayZ

This is a Zwift race formatted to function more like a true road race. Ever get tired of Zwift races starting out with people jumping from go at 8.0 w/kg? This ride will roll neutral for approximately 3.5 miles or 5.6 kilometers around 2.2 w/kg. You must stay with the ride leader which will have a yellow beacon, anyone sprinting off ahead will be DQ’d from Zwiftpower results. This format will allow everyone to get up to speed as a peloton. Once the neutral distance has been reached the ride leader will announce that we are open and racing is on for the remainder, attack, counter attack suck wheels whatever you do best.


Magnum mOnDayZ alternates courses. The selected route for each ride is listed as part of the event title and will be auto selected by the Zwift Event Module. All rides target a total ride time of between 45 mins to 1hr 15mins.

The ride will start promptly at 5:15am (US Pacific). Ride start instructions will be given via text/Discord and the Zwift Event Module.

*** RIDER TAG ***

It is mandatory for riders to correctly identify themselves during the ride. Each rider must tag his/her last name with ODZ and Rider Classification as determined above. You want to know who you are competing against correct? Please tag your classification.

ex: T. Zwift – ODZ (A)


Express yourself. Wear what you want!


To be included in the Ride Report riders must save their rides to Strava using the following format:

Add ODZ and (Category) to the ride filename.

ex: ODZ Magnum (A)


Just like riding with others in real life it is more fun to be able to chat with your riding buddies. TeamODZ encourages the use of voice communication during all ODZ organized events. To enhance your ride experience and be able to better work with your group, set up Discord and log into the “ODZ” channel.