Join TeamODZ on the ODZentry ride - (Wagner's Wagon Edition) as we lend a hand to all those doing longer endurance miles out there! Come for the whole ride or drop in and get some work done in the middle. The time window should allow most to finish a Metric Century with the group.

Please note that this ride is not listed in the official Zwift event list, because official Zwift events currently only allow for up to 30 minutes of late start, and this ride requires up to 3 hours of late start.

Please wear the TeamODZ kit if you have it, otherwise wear the FreeSpeed kit (code: GOFREESPEED).

Keep up to date on the latest information about this ride in the  Wagon Forum.

***RIDE Format***

There will be a 3.0w/kg group. Ride leader will have "ODZ 3.0 LEAD" in their name.

We will be doing a 15 minute warmup (starting at around 2.0w/kg slowing working up to 2.5w/kg), followed by 2.5hrs at 3.0 w/kg, followed by a 15 minute cooldown. Recent events have featured the occasional "Spicy Lap" so watch out!

***Course Selection***

The specific course chosen for each week may change based on currently active Zwift promotions, or specific TeamODZ training goals.  The specific course for the day is always published ahead of time on the TeamODZ Facebook page, specifically in the location of the event for that particular week.

***RIDE Tag***

Tag you name with ODZ to help other riders find us as they jump on.

If you are coming in mid-ride you can use the “Ride With” feature to join the group.  The most sure fire way to find the group is to simply ask on Discord just before you are trying to join.  You can ask via chat or voice.  See for details on Discord setup, or  for a direct link to the ODZ discord server.


Weight Shifting Calculator

Use the calculator below to figure out what weight to set your avatar to so that you can ride the Wagon in your endurance power zone. Just simply enter your FTP in watts, then click Calculate. The various weight options will then be displayed below for both kilograms and pounds.

Your FTP: Watts


60% FTP Kg - Easy

70% FTP Kg - Recommended

75% FTP Kg - Hard


60% FTP Pounds - Easy

70% FTP Pounds - Recommended

75% FTP Pounds - Hard