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Welcome to ODZwifters WOW for Worlds


ODZwifters is excited to bring you 12 weeks of structured training to get you race ready for Zwift Team Worlds in November!


Each week we will be offering 2 structured workouts to target specific fitness that riders will need to compete in the Worlds Race successfully. Riders can do this on their own time and they are designed to be able to be done in conjunction with the weekly TeamODZ Ride schedule. The 3rd workout of the week will be interchangeable with a longer ODZentury ride on the weekends for those that have the time available. Riders will be able to track how they are doing with the workouts with the plugin below and also see what other team members are completing the workouts by entering their workout results int the google form below.


The schedule will take each rider through an 8-week build phase with built in rest weeks and the final 4 weeks will be a specialty phase for each category different for C/D and A/B specific to their race distance.


Team ODZ riders are more than happy to answer questions so if something doesn't make sense ask us!


***File Save***

Keep original name of save file from zwift to help identify workout if you need help with the interpretation of your performance. Feel free to add anything after it.


***Google form to enter workout results***


***Recommended Chrome Plugin***
We recommend using this plug-in to keep track of your own data and performance. Team ODZ will be developing a public document for each rider to submit their "Sauce-data". It will also be a place where you can compare you can see others "suffering"

Work out file loading instructions

World shift instructional video