The popular and revolutionary TeamODZ Cat and Mouse Ride is a race format designed to extract your best ~45 minute performance from the start. The race is designed to allow lower classifications an earlier start with the goal of finishing before higher classifications. If our statisticians have completed their calculations correctly the end result is a sprint at the finish between As, Bs, Cs and Ds. All riders have a chance to win!

Warm-up on your own time before your category rides off from the start line. Cat & Mouse is intended to be high intensity from the start through the entire race.


The race will alternate among several routes. The selected route for each ride is listed as part of the event title.

Watopia: 3 laps of Hilly or Flat, 1/2 lap of Pretzel

Richmond: 2 laps of Full Richmond


Your objective is to WORK WITH YOUR GROUP (pulling them while dropping the least amount of people possible) and ride away from the chase group(s) whilst try to catch the group(s) ahead.

For example, if you are a C rider, your goal is to not be caught by the B and A groups while catching the D group. If you are dropped from your group or miss the start, try to recover and then hang on to the next group to finish the remaining distance.

*** RULES ***

All riders should meet prior to the start time at the start/finish line and keep text messages to a minimum. Instead, use Discord voice chat for communication since it is difficult to type while riding at high intensity.

Race instructions are given via text/Discord. D riders start promptly at 5:15am (US Pacific). Ride organizer will attempt to provide a 5 min, 2 min, 1 min, and 30 sec countdown via text and Discord. Subsequent categories will start minutes apart defined by the ride organizer. A Countdown Timer is created to signal the start time for each category.

If you are consistently able to lead or are being dropped by your group week after week, you should re-evaluate which group you belong in for the ODZ Cat & Mouse format. Consider going into a higher or lower category, respectively. At times, the ODZ Planning Committee would contact you to suggest a category change based on your ride results.

*** RIDER TAG ***

It is mandatory for riders to correctly identify themselves during the ride. Each rider must tag his/her last name with ODZ and Rider Classification as determined above.

ex: J. Doe – ODZ (A)


It is also mandatory for riders to correctly wear the jersey kit selected for each category. This would allow riders to identify others in the group more easily.

CAT A - Basic 5 Kit (Red/Black)

CAT B - Basic 1 Kit (Yellow)

CAT C - Basic 2 Kit (Green)

CAT D - Basic 3 Kit (Blue)


To be included in the Race Report, riders must save their rides to Strava using the following format:

Add ODZ and (Category) to the ride file name.

ex: ODZ (A) Cat & Mouse